Murray Monster (Papua New Guinea)

The Murray cryptid, found in lake Murray in Papua New Guinea (a small nation roughly the size or California). The lake ranges from 100mi. long and 70mi. wide too up to five times that during flood season. The first account of this cryptid came in December 11, 1999, while paddling across the lake a small group of native villagers reported seeing a “dinosaur-like reptile” in shallow pools near Boboa island. The next day two missionaries claimed to see a similar animal in the same area.

this is some information I found online…. When googleing the Murray what comes up is mostly for the N. Carolina cryptid also called the Murray monster so I didn’t have very much to go on and would appreciate any information that anyone might have.

“Described by eyewitnesses as being as being “as long as a dump truck”, this animal is said to be a bipedal, amphibious creature, approximately 6-feet in width, with two, short forelimbs, legs as wide as palm tree trunks, a long neck, and a slender tail. The creature’s head has been compared to that of a large eyed bovine with teeth as long as a man’s fingers. Its back is said to have “largish triangular scoops” and its epidermis has been likened to that of the more familiar crocodile.

In June of 2000, reports emanating from Irian Jaya (the Indonesian section of New Guinea) stated that missionaries had traveled to the Lake Murray region armed with paleontology books in order to confirm these reports. According to this account, island natives grew agitated when they saw the images of a dinosaur which they believed to be the monster in the lake.

Unfortunately this report does not include the
identities of the animals found in these prehistoric mug shots, but some investigators have surmised – based upon eyewitness testimony – that the animal in question may be related to the saurian group known as Theropods (swift, bipedal, carnivores, which included the Tyrannosaurus-rex amongst its kin), which were presumed to have become extinct during the Cretaceous period.”

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